About PPNO

Our Vision

To be recognized as the “gold standard” for knowledge related to professional practice in Ontario.

Our Values

The Professional Practice Network of Ontario believes in those values that guide the activities of the Network and reflect individual, professional and organizational accountabilities for professional practice. The PPNO advocates for the best possible patient care outcomes and in supporting stewardship of the health care system and its resources.

Professional Excellence

PPNO encourages the dynamic, synergistic outcomes of education, research and knowledge in creating an environment of safe, evidence-informed, quality patient-centered care.

Interprofessional Collaboration and Teamwork

PPNO supports interprofessional collaboration and the maximization of the scope of practice that recognizes the importance of teamwork and innovation.

Shared Learning

PPNO embraces lifelong learning and the open sharing of knowledge and experiences.


The Professional Practice Network of Ontario (PPNO) is an inter-professional forum for professional practice leaders in Ontario. The PPNO was established in 1999 as a result of informal networking among individuals in a variety of Professional Practice roles across Toronto and surrounding areas.

PPNO quickly grew from an informal networking group and became an official incorporated entity in January 2002 complete with By-laws and an Executive Board. Current membership consists of over 80 organizations across Ontario as well as other provinces.